IObit Uninstaller PRO 12 + Key Download

Gamerwer September 14, 2022
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What is the software?

IObit Uninstaller PRO 12 + Key Download, IObit is a software program that helps users remove various types of software from their systems. So this includes spyware, unwanted applications and viruses. It is a very useful tool for both home and corporate users.

Installers are used to easily remove unwanted software from a system without any issues or concerns. They’re especially useful for businesses who can’t afford to lose productivity due to slow system performance caused by unwanted programs. iobit’s installer is very simple to use and will quickly remove any type of software from your system. To use an installer, simply click on the Start- > All Programs menu and then select the iobit Uninstaller option. This will open a new window where you can choose which application you want to remove from your computer. After that, just follow the onscreen instructions and your problem will be fixed in no time! IObit Uninstaller PRO 12 + Key Download

How to install the program?


  1. Extract “IObit Uninstaller PRO 12” from winrar.
  2. Double-click the “iobituninstaller.exe” program in the “IObit Uninstaller PRO 12” file and start the installation.
  3. Install IObit Uninstaller PRO 12 successfully.(If you get stuck, you can get help from the video)
  4. After finishing the installation, open the program.


  1. When the program is first opened, it will ask you for a serial key.
  2. Open the “keys.txt” in the “IObit Uninstaller PRO 12” file.
  3. And select any key and activate the program.
  4. The program is now licensed. Have fun.

Warning: Disable the virus protection program before running the program.

How to Download the Program

Note : This video was made for educational purposes only and is not intended to encourage. Therefore, any responsibility that may arise belongs to the user.

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