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Nurse Gamer September 16, 2022
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Although Google Chrome comes to mind when we talk about browser add-ons, the first architect of this development was the Firefox team. Browser add-ons that put an end to Microsoft’s Internet Explorer dominance are still among the important parts of our lives today. We have brought together the best Google Chrome and Edge extensions that stand out for you. Since it is based on Chrome, it is possible to use these add-ons on Edge.

4 must-have browser extensions for Chrome and Edge

Although browser add-ons are not as popular as they used to be, they still have features that will make our lives easier. We tried to bring together the best browser extensions for Chrome and Edge, especially useful for users who spend a lot of time at the computer.

1- Save to Google Drive

Among the Chrome extensions, Save to Drive is one of the add-ons that makes our lives easier. It is possible to transfer everything you want to save while browsing the browser to your Drive account with this add-on.The only downside of the plugin, which has a very simple interface, is that it uses Drive storage. As you know, Google recently stopped offering unlimited storage for Drive and Mail.

In this sense, it is useful to choose the content you save with the plugin well. Again, you need to authorize the Save to Google Drive browser plug-in to take screenshots, audio and video recordings.

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Link: Save to Google Drive

2- Sortd for Gmail

Sortd, which is among the Google Chrome extensions, is used to organize the Gmail inbox. As you know, the Google Inbox application, which provides this service, took its place in the Google old applications graveyard in 2019. In this sense, Sortd works in integration with Gmail.

Thanks to the Chrome and Edge browser extensions, it is possible to organize your mailbox more easily. Sortd, which allows you to categorize incoming mails and separate them into titles, is among the important browser add-ons.

Link: Sortd for Gmail

3- Chrono

Among the Chrome and Edge browser add-ons, the most needed tool for users is the download manager. In this sense, the Chrono browser add-on replaces the download manager, which is quite unsuccessful in Chrome and Edge.

Both successful browsers have a not-so-useful download manager. Chrono, on the other hand, stands out with its more accessible and easy-to-use interface. In short, the Chrone browser extension is an important alternative for those who are looking for a good download manager alternative.

Link: Chrono

4- Video Popout

Are you one of those who like to watch videos while working? The Video Popout browser add-on was developed to meet exactly this need. In this sense, the browser plugin allows you to see the video opened in a different tab on a small screen at the same time.

If you are not one of those who are distracted while watching videos, it is possible to work and consume video content that you love with Video Popout.

So, which Chrome and Edge browser add-ons you use the most?

Link: Video Popout

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