Pokemon Quest v1.0.6 MOD APK

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Pokemon Quest v1.0.6 MOD APK, On Kakukoro Island, which floats in a world where everything is “scratchy,” “Pokémon Quest,” a semi-automatic battle RPG and base building, players embark on an exploration to find treasure with Pokemon. As adorable 3D models that resemble dice, Pokemon from the first “Pocket Monsters Red and Green” will appear and engage in a tactical battle.

Pokemon Quest v1.0.6 MOD APK

In contrast to other regions, Kakukoro Island allows Pokémon to be powered up by wearing P-Stones as charms. It’s important to note that each P Stone has a different stat, so hacking and gathering them will help you become stronger. Pokemon will naturally approach and attack the enemy during a battle; however, the player can control the situation by giving orders to move farther away from the enemy.

Place a range of things. You can get Pokemon by cooking and calling them at the base camp rather than capturing them with monster balls. You can personalize your base camp by furnishing it. Additionally, it is a system that accomplishes two goals at once because you can improve exploration to increase its effectiveness. Since all Pokémon are now cube-shaped, the world has a newfound beauty and the creatures are even cuter and funnier. Pokémon Quest also gives players the option to use appropriate Poké Balls with varying degrees of difficulty or special mechanisms to capture them, which adds to the excitement of the adventure.

Pokemon Quest v1.0.6 MOD APK


This page contains Pokemon from “Pocket Monsters Red and Green”! Despite being only first generation, the Pokemon that appear have a 3D model that is exquisitely adorable and unlike anything else you’d see in real life. Additionally, the Game Boy’s sound effects can’t help but bring back a lot of memories. No, you won’t miss it! Pokemon Quest v1.0.6 MOD APK

Get a stronger P-Stone by hacking! The hack-and-slash element is firmly expelled, and the strength is greatly influenced by the value of the P stone that can be placed on the Pokemon’s ability. In addition to raising the value of the basic ability, additional elements have useful properties like “recovery time -10” and “increase the likelihood of hitting a vital point.” I’m searching for a P-Stone with numerous beneficial abilities because I can’t find any.


Utilize the terrain effectively. The timing of using “moves” in real-time battles causes the battle situation to change drastically. It’s particularly entertaining if you master the strategic aspects of the technique, such as coordinating moves that hit enemies from a distance, push them into the ground, and strike them one after the other.

Pokemon Quest v1.0.6 MOD APK

Pokémon’s expansive world and thriving ecosystem offer players countless opportunities to take advantage of and fully enjoy themselves. Pokémon Quest, on the other hand, complicates matters for players through its quest system, even opening up new challenges in a vast world. The system’s incentives are generous, promising players exceptional development and even upgrading and giving Pokémon new abilities.

If the player wants to summon more people to battle dangerous Pokémon, the online friend system is a practical and helpful feature. Additionally, the game occasionally generates significant cross-server raid events, forcing players to unite and concentrate their attacks on a single target. Additionally, it fosters stronger teamwork and increases the likelihood that everyone will be eligible for generous rewards determined by their performance throughout the battle. Pokemon Quest v1.0.6 MOD APK

For a Pokémon entry in the franchise, Pokémon Quest will offer players fresh experiences. It uses a new control scheme, a real-time combat system, and cube-shaped graphics to develop a novel idea that improves the player’s experience of the expansive Pokémon universe. Its online events and activities, which unite people through a variety of entertaining but chaotic content, are the heart and soul of the whole.

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