Merge Safari – Fantastic Isle v1.0.145 MOD APK

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Merge Safari – Fantastic Isle v1.0.145 MOD Apk, In the merge game Merge Safari – Fantastic Isle, players explore an island in search of various animals. To unlock a new animal, you can combine two creatures that are similar to each other. The merging process gets more difficult and demands more resources. In addition, you can use upgrades to make the island more efficient and expand its surface area. All of these things can be done with the island you already have.

Merge Safari – Fantastic Isle v1.0.145 MOD APK Merge Safari – Fantastic Isle v1.0.145 MOD APK


In Merge Safari – Fantastic Isle, an island and a white rabbit are the first two things you encounter. You will take some time to examine it and observe how its size has changed. You’ll also need to find out which animals can appear on which island and find new animals to help completely diversify the animal population on the island in order to make the change. Merge Safari – Fantastic Isle v1.0.145 MOD Apk

The main experience, according to players, is combining animals to reveal new species. The screen will split into two at the same time so you can observe your island and the animals you own and can combine. If you want to find high-level animals, it will be a long journey and require a variety of animals to merge because there will be many factors that will help you get access to different types.


In Merge Safari – Fantastic Isle, merging two of the same kind of animals will result in the creation of a new, more advanced animal. Additionally, the first time an animal is unlocked, it will arrive in a gift box and appear as a shadow. When a new member joins your island and prompts you to merge continuously, you can open it and discover a surprising result.

Once the merge is complete, players must always pay attention to the amount of materials available. One factor that affects the number of integers you can use is the number of empty cells. You will specifically try to develop the island and find numerous new animals in order to unlock new locations as you only start the level with a set number of empty cells. If you think the process is taking too long, you can always add ingredients yourself.

The first animal you can purchase with the money you have is a penguin. You will use the money you have to purchase new animals. They will be available for purchase in any quantity, and of course, there will be no set price. In other words, as you make more purchases, the price will rise steadily over time, and you’ll find a way to profit. You might occasionally get unanticipated gifts that are financial in nature. Merge Safari – Fantastic Isle v1.0.145 MOD Apk

Merge Safari – Fantastic Isle v1.0.145 MOD APK Merge Safari – Fantastic Isle v1.0.145 MOD APK


Players in Merge Safari – Fantastic Isle will benefit greatly from raising a wide variety of animals. They have a certain value when bringing you a certain sum of money, and they can help you unlock new animals. Players won’t undoubtedly take advantage of the feature that increases their ability to profit from the island they own. You can consider a variety of factors and decide whether to upgrade.

Early on in the game, the upgrade system will be introduced, and some stats will catch players’ attention. You can increase the amount of money you receive, the amount of money you earn outside of the game, and a variety of other things. Additionally, over time, anyone can anticipate finding the island expansion feature when the requirements are satisfied. The expansion will be completed with just a few easy taps. Merge Safari – Fantastic Isle v1.0.145 MOD Apk

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