IObit Driver Booster PRO 10.2 + Key Download

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What is the software?

IObit Driver Booster PRO 9.5 + Key Download Driver booster is an application used for optimizing the performance of a computer system. It is a freeware that can be downloaded from the internet. Most users like it because it improves system performance and stability. The application works by scanning your computer for outdated drivers and other software and updates them. This way, your computer runs faster and more efficiently.

Once configured, you are ready to run driver booster and improve your computer performance! When running the tool, you should maximize performance by updating graphics drivers, system updates and other drivers needed for normal operation of your computer system. You can also scan for pending updates in windows and update those as well- this way, you make sure all of your programs work with current drivers without any issues. Another good thing to do with driver booster is perform a sweep for spyware and outdated applications hiding in your background processes. All of these things help make computers run smoothly as new software is installed and old problems are fixed.

How to install the program?


  1. Extract “IObit Driver Booster PRO 9.5” from winrar.
  2. Double-click the “driver_booster_setup” program in the “IObit Driver Booster PRO 9.5” file and start the installation.
  3. InstallI Obit Driver Booster 9.5 successfully.(If you get stuck, you can get help from the video)
  4. After finishing the installation, open the program.


  1. When the program is first opened, it will ask you for a serial key.
  2. Open the “keys.txt” in the “IObit Driver Booster PRO 9.5” file.
  3. And select any key and activate the program.
  4. The program is now licensed. Have fun.



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