Multiversus player count reaches millions

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Nurse Gamer August 3, 2022
Updated 2022/08/03 at 8:16 AM
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The number of Multiversus players entering the open beta process is increasing day by day, and it is claimed that Godzilla and Gandalf may be added to the game soon.
The number of multiversus players is growing exponentially. Multiversus, the fighting game where Shaggy and Superman face off and Tom beats Jerry up instead of chasing him, brings the characters under the roof of Warner Bros. The game, which entered the open beta process last week, competes with the giants in the number of instant players on Steam.

The number of Multiversus players has exceeded millions

Multiversus has been competing with players such as CS: GO and Apex Legends on Steam since last week. It is stated that the number of instant players of the game is 150 thousand, Of course, these statistics do not include Playstation and Xbox players. The players who test the game state that there are close to 5 million players in the player list they were placed as a result of the matches. So much so that millions of players were mobilized to open the “stage” where Rick and Morty would be added to the game.

It is stated that a wide list of characters that can be added to the game in the future, from Joker to Godzilla, is in the database. Among the characters that can be added to Mutliversus in the future, there are interesting names such as Gandalf, Black Adam, Poison Ivy, Scooby-Doo, Daenery Targaryen. It can also be understood that the League of Legends fighting game will be free, as it is heard for free fighting games.

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