Criminal Case v2.39 MOD APK

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Criminal Case v2.39 MOD APK, Criminal Case is the best option if the player has a lifelong aspiration to become a renowned police officer. When you step into this world, you will be presented with complex cases on a regular basis. This is the foundation for openly displaying your talent and passion for catching the criminal, just like in crime films. We’ll take the players to a bloody scene to look for unusual evidence. Not content with that, the game also lets you practice your interrogation skills on those involved, including the perpetrator.

Criminal Case v2.39 MOD APK

Most of the cases that are presented to you involve murder. You’ll become a police officer, and you’ll solve those cases expertly. You should be aware that you will be entering the Grimsborough police team. This team is recognized as one that should not be taken lightly. Criminals are also alarmed when they hear your name. Criminal Case now invites you to enter and impress the deceased with your abilities. Additionally, you are seasoned seniors who will actively mentor you.

Criminal Case v2.39 MOD APK

After learning of a death, Scene First, Criminal Case takes you to the scene of the crime. A different story will be represented by each unique scene. brought up the apparent death of the professor. When you get there, he is already dead and wearing his regular work clothes and glasses. The professor was submerged under water in a bathtub. There was chaos all around as if there had been a fight. To discover who is behind, players must now find each clue in the bathroom. Criminal Case v2.39 MOD APK


Furthermore, after solving the professor’s case, you will keep going until you reach an alley. Although a murder occurred, no one was located. When you arrive, everything has become disorganized and is no longer in its proper place. Bicycles or trolleys fell over and rolled around on the ground. or even watermelons that have been crushed. You can use all of them as hints. Additionally, you carefully examine each vegetable to determine whether the criminal is still at large.

You begin the analysis of the Criminal Case after gathering the clues. Not all of your suspicions will support you with evidence. Analysis is therefore more important than ever. Can you excel as a detective? This stage has a big impact on it. Every bit of information you discover or infer is turned into a convincing argument.

Criminal Case v2.39 MOD APK


You can expose the murderer once you’ve found the evidence. They’ll receive legal repercussions for the crimes they’ve committed. The final stage of this fight for justice will take place in court, though. Players anxiously watch, assess, and provide their attorneys with counsel and unanticipated evidence. You are about to enter a city that is raging with illegal catastrophes.

In Criminal Case, players take on the role of a detective to solve homicide cases and advance through the game’s script. By clicking on the items on the screen, players must locate the pertinent hints at the crime scene. Your score will increase the quicker you complete. Players receive stars after solving cases, which they can use to carry out necessary tasks like looking over the evidence and questioning the suspects. Players will also run into challenging cases throughout the game that could take several hours to solve. Criminal Case v2.39 MOD APK

Although this game has some social elements, it is primarily single-player. The player can select a “partner” from his list of “team members” to participate in each crime scene investigation and earn bonuses. The player has to solve a number of puzzles as they investigate the case. Like in the culprit cases hidden in the style of puzzles, which must be rearranged and clarified with a few easy click and drag operations.

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